How to Make Your New Pet Feel at Home

If you have adopted a new pet, that’s awesome, and congratulations are in order. There is no doubt that you are excited about your new companion. You would feel even better if your new pet loves your home.

That said, most people fear that they may not have adequate information on how to treat the pets. If that’s your greatest fear don’t bother yourself too much. The fact that you are reading this is clear evidence that you want the best for your pet. Keep reading and you will know exactly how to help your newly adopted pet feel more secure and loved.


  • Create your pet some space


Definitely, your pet must be excited to be home. However, due to change of surrounding he might need some rest. You should at least give him some space to get acquainted not only to their new home, but with the family members. Of course you don’t expect him to trust you instantly. Trust is built with time. With that said, ensure your pet has a safe place to rest for some days if not hours in order for him to adjust to the new surroundings. Don’t worry! Very soon they will get used.


  • Provide consistent training


In new surroundings, pets tend to find where they fit and what rules govern the place. Dogs in particular crave rules, boundaries and routine while the cats are curious to see what awaits them. In most cases, pets just hide out whenever they feel uncertain. For instance some pets will hide behind a car or under the bed.

Sensible rules as well as regular training helps your pet feel more at ease. That way, they understand what is expected of them after which they adapt a solid routine. In other words, this will improve their confidence and your friendship will grow.


  • Good choice of pet stuff selection


Every pet will need his personal bowls; resting place and even toys. You are to select the basic items first before bringing them in. In the case of dogs, you will need water and food bowls that won’t keep sliding around. The bowls should only be his. Note that the cats also need bowls that won’t slip that are large enough to contain her whiskers without them being squished. Note that cats particularly love toys that move around. For your dog/s, you can get a good pet hair vacuum.


  • Introduce your pet to all the housemates


Remember that your newly adopted pet has just entered into a household that is established where no one is a stranger to their partner. May be your place is bigger or smaller than where they lived before. In that case, you should do an introduction.

Remember; pets figure out things using their nose. The smell helps them know who is who. Be patient in your introduction and to be more efficient about it, you can sometimes think that you were in his shoes. That way, everything else will be simple and lovely.