Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Needs

Bedding comes in a variety of linen fabrics and if you’re upgrading your bedding for the summer, here are some things to keep in mind. As for picking colors for your bedding sets, consider your style and overall bedroom theme. If you have an Americana style bedroom, you might choose colors such as navy blue, red, white, and tan. Solid colored bedding is another neat idea because it gives your bedroom a crisp and clean look. Here are additional bedding selection tips.
Tips on Buying the Right Comforter
When looking for a comforter, think about the warmth factor. Super lightweight comforters work well for the summer since they won’t overheat you at night. Medium weight comforters are also neat and these work best for bedrooms with an average temperature of 65 to 69 degrees. Comforters made from down clusters are the best because they provide excellent insulation in cold rooms.
Don’t Forget About the Fit
While looking for the best bedding, you should find a set that fits the size of your bed and pillows. The common bed sizes are twin, XL, queen, full size and king size. For comforters, here are the sizes for the kind of bed you have. For twin size beds the comforter sizes should be 66 x 86 inches while the twin bedspread should be in size 84 x 112 inches. Full size comforters should have a size of 81 x 86 while twin size bedspreads should be size 100 x 112. Most bedding websites have size charts to help you get the right sized bedding.
What About Bedding for Kids’ Rooms?
Most kids have twin beds in their rooms so you would choose twin sized bedding for kids. Also get your child’s input regarding the style of bedding he or she might want. If your son loves reading about the solar system, purchase bedding with this theme.