How to Make Your New Pet Feel at Home

If you have adopted a new pet, that’s awesome, and congratulations are in order. There is no doubt that you are excited about your new companion. You would feel even better if your new pet loves your home.

That said, most people fear that they may not have adequate information on how to treat the pets. If that’s your greatest fear don’t bother yourself too much. The fact that you are reading this is clear evidence that you want the best for your pet. Keep reading and you will know exactly how to help your newly adopted pet feel more secure and loved.


  • Create your pet some space


Definitely, your pet must be excited to be home. However, due to change of surrounding he might need some rest. You should at least give him some space to get acquainted not only to their new home, but with the family members. Of course you don’t expect him to trust you instantly. Trust is built with time. With that said, ensure your pet has a safe place to rest for some days if not hours in order for him to adjust to the new surroundings. Don’t worry! Very soon they will get used.


  • Provide consistent training


In new surroundings, pets tend to find where they fit and what rules govern the place. Dogs in particular crave rules, boundaries and routine while the cats are curious to see what awaits them. In most cases, pets just hide out whenever they feel uncertain. For instance some pets will hide behind a car or under the bed.

Sensible rules as well as regular training helps your pet feel more at ease. That way, they understand what is expected of them after which they adapt a solid routine. In other words, this will improve their confidence and your friendship will grow.


  • Good choice of pet stuff selection


Every pet will need his personal bowls; resting place and even toys. You are to select the basic items first before bringing them in. In the case of dogs, you will need water and food bowls that won’t keep sliding around. The bowls should only be his. Note that the cats also need bowls that won’t slip that are large enough to contain her whiskers without them being squished. Note that cats particularly love toys that move around. For your dog/s, you can get a good pet hair vacuum.


  • Introduce your pet to all the housemates


Remember that your newly adopted pet has just entered into a household that is established where no one is a stranger to their partner. May be your place is bigger or smaller than where they lived before. In that case, you should do an introduction.

Remember; pets figure out things using their nose. The smell helps them know who is who. Be patient in your introduction and to be more efficient about it, you can sometimes think that you were in his shoes. That way, everything else will be simple and lovely.

Amir Recommends The Top Upright Pet Vacuums

You care very much about your furry friend and you would like to know what the best vacuums for pet hair are. Most pet owners think that it is easy, that it is just a matter of going into the market and picking what you find. However, the market is dynamic. What was in fashion yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. If you run a small vet center, you would like to be sure that the machine you buy will serve you for a long time.

If you are an allergy sufferer, you know very well that you cannot afford to stay without a vacuum cleaner designed to suck all pet hair in. It is either you buy one or you stay without pets and the latter is totally impossible.

Because a pet hair vacuum is something that you want to buy for keeps, then you had better make it worth your money. We decided to ask Amir to point us to the best of the pet vacuums in the market, seeing as he is an ardent pet lover who has always groomed his dogs since he was six years old.

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Here are the recommendations he came up with:

Shark DuoClean Ultralight Vacuum

This is one of the highly reviewed vacuums in the market. It is ultralight, and you can carry it easily from place to place within the home. In addition, it is able to penetrate even the thick carpets giving them a deep, thorough cleaning. The LED lighting on the nozzle  will illuminate the space that you are vacuuming so that you do not miss a spot of dirt. It is designed for collecting all types of pet hair from furniture and other surfaces.

The cord is long, all of 30 feet. Great for mobility around the home.  It is also sold with a small hook so that you can store it on the wall when you are not using it. Who wants to use canister vacuums with a newbie like this one.

Hoover T-Series Bagless Corded Vacuum

Hoover is a well known brand name in the world of vacuuming and even in this T-Series WindTunnel UH70210, they do not disappoint. The package comes with a pet hand tool that is air-powered and is very thorough in collecting the pet hair from the floor. In addition, there is an upholstery cleaning tool to get rid of pet hair that gets lodged on the furniture. With a retractable cord that is 25 feet long, you can be sure of great mobility around the room.

The vacuum comes with a foldable handle for easier and less space consumption during storage. It can be adjusted up to five height positions for cleaning carpets. If you are looking for a thorough cleaning, this is the vacuum to buy. It weighs less than 18 pounds, making it easy to move around. It is a bagless vacuum.

Hoover Sprint QuickVac UH20040 Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Upright, 1-Pack

Another Hoover makes it to this list of the best upright pet vacuums. It has a long cord, about 23 feet, 3 adjustments for height and to make the cleaning as thorough as possible, there is a handle that you can attach to the main hose and use it to vacuum the window sills, fans, curtains and any other hard to reach place.

This vacuum cleaner is good both for the carpeted as well as the hard floors. It also takes care of all pet hair – be it dog or cat hair. In addition, the filter can be rinsed in water and then be reused. It is sold with a 12 month limited warranty, but please make sure yours is covered. Some customers have complained that they were told theirs was not covered as it was standard issue, or something.

Shark Rotator TruePet Powered Lift-Away

With the LED lights at the head for illumination, you can even vacuum in the night and do an excellent job of the same. It has a detaching canister that enables you to reach even the hard to access areas. Advanced swivel steering ability enables you to navigate your way around furniture and other obstacles without denting the cleaner. The controls for this vacuum cleaner are located at the finger level so that you can reach them easily when switching from carpet to hard floors and so on.

It has the TruePet brush and upholstery cleaner that gets rid of all pet hair from any surface.

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Essential Supplies You Need for Your Pet

All pet owners know how adorable pets are. They are the best companions and they have a way of planting a smile on their owner’s faces. Maintaining pets is not too hard, say, as it would be to maintain a baby. However, they still need some basic supplies that you cannot afford to stay without as a pet owner. If you have any plans of adopting or getting a new pet then you have just landed on the right article.

Here is what you need:

Grooming tools

The grooming tools are very important especially in the case of a Golden Retriever. You can have some sort of a brush, wire-typed or bristled. They are going to help you in maintaining a good looking coat of your pet. A good pet hair vacuum will help you keep your cats and dog’s fur well groomed.  

Purchase a toenail trimmer

This is quite basic especially if your pet is young. Let them get used of you trimming their toenails. After all, no one would love to stay with a dirty pet with long toenails. Dogs and cats may scratch your furniture and tear your curtains. Teach them who is boss.

Toothbrush/finger brush

Tooth brushes are essential and as a pet owner, you cannot sit down to rest until you have it. This is because you will need them for the purpose of maintaining good mouth and teeth health for your pet.


Surprised? Don’t be! There are pet thermometers, made specifically for pets. Having one is quite important. These thermometers mostly are used rectally on any pet. In that case, ensure that you have one specifically for your lovely pet. The thermometer should not be used or anything else apart from the pet.

Extra leash

Having an extra leash is a brilliant idea. Not to mention that slip leashes are quite fantastic. In case there is not a collar, you can simply slip the leash on the head. It is incredibly a wonderful back-up.

Regular bandaging material

For first aid purposes, it is wise to have regular bandaging material. Be conscious of the fact that even pets do get hurt seeing as they are so playful. With that in mind, you will find the need to have a bandaging material. Nothing special, just the regular human type of bandage. Additionally, ensure you have some clean towels and may be Hydrogen peroxide, which is suitable for cleaning of wounds. Note that you are free to use triple antibiotic on your pet’s wound just in case it’s not too bad to the extent of needing veterinary attention.

Buy some gloves

As a pet owner, at one point in time, you will need gloves. This is so important for those who have puppies especially since they are sometimes gross. Gloves will make cleanups easier and more efficient.

Lastly, it is necessary to learn how one can use a muzzle cover. Any pet’s first reaction is to bite back in defense when they have been injured. Thus, a cover for the muzzle can help keep the pet in check.